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Labor shortages, flight cancellations, lost baggage – airlines and their passengers are in dire straits today. Staff shortages at European airports, coupled with increased air traffic in the summer, are causing disruption to ground handling in particular, leading to flight delays and cancellations. These issues are also affecting Budapest Budapest International Airport, the airport said.

The reason behind cancellation and confusion

A relatively small number of flights at Budapest Airport (10-15 flights per week) will be canceled for operational reasons. Due to the cumulative delays, the receiving airport may not be able to reach the last flight and will not take off. Meanwhile, the plane may not take off due to interruptions in ground handling or workers on strike, MTI quotes the company.

It’s a good idea to make sure everything is going well before you depart so that you can switch to another flight in time if needed. Timetable changes can be monitored on the Budapest Airport website, but passengers are contracted with the airline, not the airport operator, so any cancellations or delays will need to be contacted by the airline. Budapest Airport emphasizes..

Inconvenience and current situation on Sunday

150-200 passengers arriving in Budapest on Sunday night were forced to spend the night in a completely empty building at Budapest International Airport. I have not received the check bag.. The airport also dealt with this unfortunate situation and apologized to them. They promise to do their best to avoid similar situations, writes.. They consulted with the Grand Handler on a daily basis and added that they would adapt to ever-changing situations.

Budapest Airport is currently quiet, waiting time before departure has not increased, and there is a waiting time of up to 10 minutes during security checks. However, for short-haul flights it is recommended to arrive 2 hours before departure, while for international flights it is recommended to arrive 3 hours before departure. They added that parking should be booked in advance as it is difficult to find a busy location.

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sauce: MTI,, Budapest Airport is facing difficulties-Daily News Hungary

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