Budapest Pride announces new route after far right Mi Hazánk Books normal location

The organizers have announced the route for the 27th Budapest Pride March to be held on July 23rd. The rally will take place through the river Donau on the Pest side to Szabadság Square, where many events await marchers. This happens after booking Andrássy Avenue to prevent the far right Mi Hazánk from getting faster again and having a parade there.

According to monday publicationThe march departs on the Pest side of the Drava river, passing through Carl Lutz and Id. Antall József Pier, in front of the Capitol, picnics, speeches, NGOs, outdoor parties to Szabadság (Freedom) Square waiting for participants.

“You need to send a message so that you can hear it. Adriatic yachtMarbella, stadium VIP box, at a briefing in Moscow.

We are a lot and protect each other! We embody everything that powers despise and fear. Love, happiness, freedom, unity, and a critical voice. “

Organizers wrote, in part, in connection with recent scandals related to the Governing Circle.

“The purpose of pride is the cause of everyone. If LGBTQ people can live safely and freely in Hungary, everyone can lead a better life. Respect for basic human rights, freedom of choice , Love, and acceptance make the world a much more livable place, “they explained in a statement.

Controversy almost every year

Almost every year, pride is already accompanied by some minor scandals. This year’s rally venue could be booked from 00:00 on April 24th, but the far right Mi Hazánk party is faster, booking Andrássy Avenue in front of the Pride organizer and marching on the traditional route. Was prevented.

In addition, Mi Hazánk’s Vice President Előd Novák commented that pride organizers should be grateful for Fides’ two-thirds victory in recent elections. That way, their march is not banned by the authorities. However, the pride organizers have confirmed that the march will take place.

“It’s about people, our rights, our future … visibility, and unity. And it’s all in our hearts, voices, and actions, not in physical space.”

They also promised that the rally would be bigger in more programs than ever before.

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This is the second time the Radicals have overtaken the route, as they had to hold their pride on a different course last year as well.

Featured image: Last year’s pride. Via Zoltán Barogh / MTI Budapest Pride announces new route after far right Mi Hazánk Books normal location

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