Budapest’s coolest running track has opened-check it out!

The first running track is ready in the city center around the Olympic Park. In a few days, the runner will be able to take over the running track in District V.

New Development-Running Track

“We are building a running track for people in the city center!”

Péter Szentgyörgyvölgyi, Mayor of District 5, publication On his social media site earlier this year.

Olympic Park in District 5 Source: Facebook / Szentgyörgyvölgyi Péter

As I have written In a January article, the municipality completely refurbished the Olympic Park in 2014. Over 2,000 square meters of soccer, handball and basketball playgrounds and sports fields provide movement and sporting opportunities. The park is now enriched with new features. The running track along the route between the Olympic Park, Széchenyi Quay, Markó Street, Balassi Bálint Street and Balaton Street is 436 meters long and 120 cm wide.

Addition and purpose

The circuit also includes a photovoltaic LED speedboard, training stand, lockers and drinking fountain. As you can read at articlePéter Szentgyörgyvölgyi, Mayor of District 5, said at the time of delivery:

“Municipalities in the city center are continually improving the conditions of active lifestyles according to the needs of the population, and by creating tracks that provide the ideal sports environment for this purpose, outdoors. It is also suitable for people who like running. “

Running track locker

Running track locker. Source: Facebook / Szentgyörgyvölgyi Péter


The mayor opened a running track with Dr. Garbol Zacher, an honorary citizen of the district. He describes the construction as follows:

“Obesity is very common in Hungary during an epidemic, and everyone gains an average of 5 kilograms, which may help people start the sport they really need.”

As reportAs a hobbyist, Dr. Gábor Zacher said he feels the difference between running on concrete and running on a comfortable, soft synthetic surface made of polyurethane. [“rekortán” in Hungarian – ed.].. He also pointed out that if people had a running track in front of them and didn’t have to run on concrete, it would be easier to wear running shoes.

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Source:,, Facebook Budapest’s coolest running track has opened-check it out!

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