Bulgargaz: Nearly 17% increase in natural gas prices expected –

Estimate price of natural gas It will be around BGN 350 (EUR 179). gain about 17% compared to price for August” said Executive Director Denica Zlateva. Bulgalgazafter a meeting of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.

According to her, this is due to the rise in stock market indices.

Bulgalgaz Fulfilling the contract with Gazprom, sending daily requests for supplies, receiving confirmation of zero quantities the next day, negotiations are at the political level.At this stage, the company is only fulfilling existing contracts.No bank transfer” added Denica Zlateva.

She emphasized that quantities for September have been secured.

In October, we secured the total monthly quantity under contract with our Azerbaijani supplier and the entire tanker secured by our American supplier. Additionally, there is an auction for the remaining quantity. gas Competitive Hub Vulcan price is expected” added Zlateva.

She explained that there are discussions about how the auction will be structured for November.

It is important to ensure supply until the heating season, i.e. the end of April.As of today, prices are expected to be lower than announced in September, according to preliminary estimates.” said Denica Zlateva.

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/BNT Bulgargaz: Nearly 17% increase in natural gas prices expected –

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