Bulgaria: 18-year-old boy on amphetamine kills 22-year-old student in car crash –

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Eighteen years old driveraccording to the initial drug test, who was driving under the influence of amphetaminecrashed a Volvo XC60 into a Citroen Saxo Located on one of the main streets of the Bulgarian town of Shumen, killed One of Citroen’s ladies.of driverIn May of this year, when he became an adult, he obtained a driver’s license and was detained for 24 hours at the city’s police station. He and his passenger in the vehicle were unharmed, and a second woman was in the vehicle. Saxo While hospitalized, his condition is stable.

A report of the serious accident was filed at 9:18 p.m., police said. It was reported that the car overturned and two women were trapped in another rumpled car. A police team, fire department and two ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Firefighters had to drag the girl at the wheel and her companion out of the Citroën. A little later, it was reported that one of them had died. The victim is Svetomira Stancheva, 22 years old, “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski” studied “ecology” at Shumen University.

As far as the conditions at the time of the accident can be recreated, Citroën has left the parking lot of the ‘Praktiker’ retail center on the main ‘Simeon Veliki’ boulevard. Traffic is regulated from all directions by a roundabout with sign B1 ‘Overtake road users’. Citroen was already in the circle when the Volvo collided. The small car was dragged about 20 meters, and the Volvo crashed through the roof and remained in place with its wheels up. Eighteen years old driver and his passenger was unharmed.

According to unofficial sources, the white XC60 was driven by 12th grade student Dzeczko Kurkiyev. On initial alcohol and drug testing, he tested positive for amphetamines. Eyewitness accounts are emotional and usually subjective, but they claim the Volvo was moving at a speed similar to that of a highway – 90 kilometers per hour, others say – 120. of the dead girl. Relatives give shocking testimony – 185 kilometers per hour at the time of impact. Exact speed can only be determined after preparing technical expertise.

/Krasimir Krumov, OFFNews

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