Bulgaria COVID-19: 240 new cases in the last 24

After 3722 testing of OVID-19 in the last 24 hours 240 New arrival Case Identified in Bulgaria, According to the data from the integrated information portal.This is a new number Case From the test it is 6.4%.

New 63.8% Case Not vaccinated. All dead were also unvaccinated.

With Nine Total number of people who died and victims in the last 24 hours COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) of Bulgaria Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has reached 37,219 people.

I was newly hospitalized twenty four Of the patients, 70.8 percent are unvaccinated.

The total number of patients in a hospital with COVID-10 is 251 and it is in the intensive care unit. 29..

1269 People have healed in the last 24 hours.

Last 24 hours, 507 The dose of vaccine has been administered and the total number of vaccines administered is Bulgaria To 4,402,422.

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