Bulgaria: Ex-Prime Minister Borisov Says GERB Cannot Form Government –

leader of Gelb and former Prime Minister Boiko Borisovsaid the party could not be formed government, because “we will continue to change” faces a refusal of dialogue on the part. For this reason, it is said that there will be no two-term or three-term cabinet. Borisov don’t think it necessary to strive for minorities government:

This is unfair to nations and unfair to people.wasting time for us to form a minority government it is not supported.Then the second party government It’s clearly unsupported, too, and we’re betting on the possibility of a third term. There is no stability without the first two of her parties taking some responsibility.“.

As an option, Borisov pointed out the major political forces united around a cabinet of experts who ruled over the winter.according to Gelb Leader, the new Congress should extend the expiration date of this year’s budget.

what else did you do Gelb The leader says to party members and newly elected representatives from the party:

The GERB-SDS parliamentary group of the 48th National Assembly retains its name. Desislava Atanasova will chair his PG. Rosen proposes Zhelyazkov for the chairman of the parliament, and Rositsa Kirillova for deputy chairman.” announced Borisov.

All parties act as if they are in a pre-election situation and keep promising things they know can’t happen.Why are they stubbornly avoiding talking about certain topics‘ asked Borisovreferring to “democratic Bulgaria” and “we will continue to change”, said its representatives would not participate in talks led by Rosen Plevneriev and Solomon Passy.

boyco Borisov said without government Nothing Happens in a National Agreement

minority government This is a last resort. If all options are exhausted, I’ll probably do it. This is the goal of Asen Vasilev. Because he knows the financial situation of the state.Today, again, Bulgaria is entering the financial market‘ said the leader Gelbcompared the current situation with the following representations:We’re flying downhill at high speed – a debt spiral

so they (we keep changing) You don’t want us to sit at the table.Next year, the state needs about $15 billion,” Borisov He also said

according to Borisovthere is only one way out of the crisis – talk

There’s no point in talking about the first, second, third term – it’s not fair to people. It’s not fair to waste your time. government To make a second minority it is not supported government It will not be supported, let’s hope for a 3rd term“,continuation Borisov And said the first two parties are missing – Gelb And WCC, to take responsibility, the other parties are 7-8-9 percent respectively.

there is no such thing as stability”said Borisov. He suggested that there should be several days for negotiations after parliament opened.

Without dialogue there is no point in continuing suffering and going to elections. We who were in power will withdraw – let the experts come forward and get through the winter.”said the former prime minister.

leader of Gelb He turned to representatives of the people from his party with a proposal:”Propose other political parties to adopt legislation to extend the validity of this budget.This is the only way out, admin governmentif you go to the elections, you can make repayments, compensation, pensions, etc.

Inject a new budget and ask for a 30% increase in pensions and at least a 30% increase in income. Who can break more if they play?”said Borisov.

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