Bulgaria expels 70 Russian diplomatic staff — PM

Bulgaria will expel 70 Russian diplomatic staff, the prime ministers of EU countries announced on Tuesday. This is the maximum number ordered at one time from the Balkan countries.

“Bulgaria will expel 70 Russian diplomats. Our service has identified them as those who worked against our interests,” Prime Minister Kirill Petkov told reporters.

“Everyone who works against the interests of Bulgaria will be asked to return to their country. We expect a full 70-seat plane to return to Moscow,” Petkov added.

Those identified as “threats to national security” must leave by July 3, the Foreign Ministry said.

After Moscow invaded Ukraine on February 24, several European countries expelled Russian diplomats. Russia It corresponds in kind.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it had summoned Russian ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova on Tuesday to inform Sophia of her decision.

Bulgaria is expecting Russia Bulgaria said it plans to temporarily close the Consulate General in Ruse, northern Bulgaria, and Bulgaria will temporarily close the Consulate in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Bulgaria has already expelled 10 Russian diplomats in March over the war in Ukraine.

The EU and NATO members (formerly strong allies of the Communist Soviet Union) still have close cultural, historical and economic ties to Russia.

However, a series of spy scandals since 2019 have worsened relations between the two countries and have seen about 20 diplomats and technical assistants expelled. Bulgaria expels 70 Russian diplomatic staff — PM

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