Bulgaria Exports Electricity in Exchange for Natural Gas from Azerbaijan –

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nikola Stoyanov @BNT

Electricity from Bulgaria in return gas from Azerbaijan – Such an agreement was made during the visit to Baku of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nikola Stoyanov. At BNT, the minister said in such a scheme – barter gas for Electricityyou can receive the quantity in the next 4-5 months, which is most needed in winter.

they produce Electricity only from gasand we are a large producer Electricity, are exporting and overproducing. It’s possible, but confirmed in principle. Electricityand instead of them generating this Electricity When gasthey can give it to us”, Nikola Stoyanov – Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry explained.

Stoyanov said there were several major highlights during his visit to Baku, adding that the first was related to progress in interconnection with the south. gas hall.

we have serious confidence in this gas The connection will start on October 1st.Azerbaijan side confirmed credibility of full contract fulfillment of 1 billion cubic meters per year” said Nikola Stoyanov.

Second, in the long run, the South gas The corridor is expected to expand and this expansion should be operational in 3-4 years.That is, another billion cubic meters of gas year from Azerbaijanemphasized the minister.

As traditional partners, they offered to save a small portion of the expansion.This means 2 billion cubic meters per year under long-term contracts Azerbaijan, and our consumption is about 3.5 billion annually, which means close to 60%. Department of Energy experts Azerbaijan, there are negotiations about price, quantity, exactly when and so on.The important thing is to declare these quantities from now on” explained Minister Stoyanov.

A third major topic during the talks in Baku was the additional amount of gas this winter.

Negotiations with Gazprom are also underway, but no one knows what will happen, so they are trying to secure the opportunity gas For Bulgarian businesses and citizens. Where are the opportunities to get more for the winter coming from, but the question is, all countries are looking. Azerbaijan under great pressure” pointed out Nikola Stoyanov.

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/BNT Bulgaria Exports Electricity in Exchange for Natural Gas from Azerbaijan –

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