Bulgaria has a region where 1 in 3 people is over 65 –

data from the latest population national census This is not surprising and confirms all the trends that have characterized our country for the last 40 years.Magdalena Kostova, Director of NSI’s Department of Demography and Social Statistics, commented this to BNT

it’s not surprising population Considering demographic indicators and the fact that Bulgaria is a “giving country” – people are migrating, Kostova commented.

Demographic progression is fairly slow, but not irreversible. By appropriate measures in the field of social assistance, populationfertility rates may turn around.”

Census year data show that varying numbers of people lived in the territory of Bulgaria – from 2 million people in the principality’s first census Bulgaria In 1985, about 9 million people.

aging population not the only feature Bulgariabut among all the developed countries of the EU, but here this share is too high.

On the regional side, there are regions where 1 in 3 people are over 65 according to the Census.Burden on the working generation population Increased, no production age reproduction population” said Magdalena Kostova.

birth rate in Bulgaria is the EU average level, but the EU mortality rate is Bulgaria Best in union. The negative natural increase from birth to death is the largest, and the pandemic also contributes to this. Another major factor is migration. About 347,000 Bulgarians have emigrated in the last decade.

In many cases young People of working age and women of childbearing age migrate. about 40% population Decrease is due to migration. The average age at which the first child is born is about 28. This is her one of the lowest ages in the EU as this indicator is increasing more and more.However, this is not an indicator that affects the number of births‘ explained Kostova

It is difficult to say how many Bulgarians there are abroad, but this will be revealed from other countries’ census, she added.

They are subject to the census in their country of residence. All countries took their census around the same time during this time, so hopefully in a few years we will have a more detailed picture of where and how many Bulgarians live where.“.

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