Bulgaria has the highest number of Ukrainian refugees with temporary

There are currently 104,235 people in Bulgaria who have fled the war in Ukraine. This was announced this afternoon by the chair of a state government agency. refugees Mariana Tosheva of the Council of Ministers. Approximately the same number or exactly 102,522 people are enrolled under temporary protection. No other European country today has so many people embracing this kind of people. protectionExplained Tosheva.

Tosheva repeated steps to respond Ukrainian refugees It will not be extended at the hotel.This is all refugees What is housed in the hotel will be transferred and distributed by the authorities to other accommodations as needed. Authorities hope to be clear about how people will be distributed by the end of next week. Currently, about 63,000 people are fleeing the war in hotels and other accommodations.

“Ukrainians housed in hotels are mainly transported by train to new locations, where they are housed. Will the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) launch additional train tracks for these people? , Ready to install additional vehicles on existing trains, first for the oldest sick and then for mothers with the youngest children. In any case, we do not divide the family. “ Vladimir Putin, Deputy Minister of Transport, said.

By the weekend, we need to launch a digital platform and collect some data. Ukrainian Citizens want to stay in this country after May 31st. There is data on how many people want to start work, when they can start, what kind of education they have, and much more. There is also a team of interviewers who will start a tour of refugee accommodation on Monday to collect additional information.

During the briefing, it was revealed that there are currently 120 checkpoints in the country to provide temporarily. protection To those who fled the war in Ukraine. Currently, 212 jobs are active at these points (out of a total of over 229 jobs created). There are checkpoints at the border crossing near Durankrac, the local office of the Ministry of Interior at the central railway station of Sofia, the sea station of Burgas and Varna.You can find a complete list of points Here..

Everyone who received it temporarily protection You have the right to take out health insurance for a certain period of time.

For children and older Ukrainians (women over 63 years old, men over 65 years old), the state will take out health insurance until the temporary expiration. protection For adults of next winter, and working age-only 90 days from the date of granting temporary protection.

Not only do they have the right to work and study in the country, but they also have the right to receive social benefits, including a temporary allowance of up to 375 BGN. However, there are currently only 84 people. Ukrainian The children are enrolled in kindergarten and 439 children are in school. About 1,400 Ukrainians are studying at Bulgarian universities as students, graduate students and doctoral students. Of these, only 560 are physically located in Bulgaria.

Currently, according to the National Revenue Service, there are more than 2,400 registered employment contracts for people who are temporarily protected. From May 16th to June 3rd, 72 Open Mobile Points of the Employment Agency will operate in Burgas, Pomorie, Varna, Golden Sands, St. Constantine and Elena, Primorsko, Kiten and Kavarna. The purpose is to direct job seekers (not just Ukrainians) directly to vacant companies.

Government Information Portal (Here), And information on how Ukrainians can start working Bulgaria It is also posted on the Employment Agency website (Here).

Not long ago, the Employment Agency conducted a survey of more than 2,500 Ukrainians. “”More than 70% of the participants in this survey said they could start working immediately, and 9% said they would like to first provide day care to their children before starting work.65% of respondents had higher education“Sumiren Barov, executive director of the agency, recalls.

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