Bulgaria is not expected to lift the veto in North Macedonia at the EU

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov (left) and French President Emmanuel Macron (right)

No concrete proposals are expected at the EU-West Balkan Summit in Brussels and the subsequent European Summit. Bulgaria The veto will be lifted in North Macedonia.

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (DPS), a reporter of the “Renew Europe” MEP and the European Parliament in northern Macedonia, explains:very goodFrench Proposals for resolving bilateral disputes with Bulgaria During yesterday’s plenary session.

Ann EU Sources said yesterday that a decision by the Bulgarian parliament is expected. According to this source French Suggestions are the only ones for which a solution can be found.

Uncertainty comes from the fact that there is no Bulgarian parliamentary decision-without which, resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov categorically insisted that he would not change the position of our country.

People close to the government argue that the situation is complicated because there is no resigned cabinet decision to propose a vote in parliament.

but, EU Diplomatic sources call for Bulgarian opposition French The proposal is a clear signal that the ruling and opposition parties can be on the same line. He called this “Positive trend“And if there is a decision by the Bulgarian Parliament, EUPermanent representatives can be convened, after which the council will approve the decision. It is also possible to proceed with a simpler procedure manual.

Perhaps European leaders will give Ukraine and Moldova, and Georgia a candidate status from a European perspective.

The latest developments in Ukraine, including. The impact on the food crisis will also be the subject of debate.

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