Bulgaria: Military police around parliament for today’s distrust resolution

Enhanced safety Then, discussions began in parliament regarding a request for a distrust resolution to the Kiril Petkov administration, a gendarmerie equipped with heavy equipment.

The perimeter of the fence was extended to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

“Supporters ofVazrazhdane“Gathering there, supporters of the Mie coalition have already gathered in front of the Parliament building.

Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov Provocation In protest.He is a journalist Parliament The Ministry of Interior has strengthened the police presence in the field of parliament.

“”Well, if you don’t expect escalation, there won’t be that many police around Congress.With such a signal, we are taking steps to completely prevent destructive behavior.“Minister Rashkov said.

according to ParliamentAccording to the rules of procedure, voting will take place within 24 hours of the end of the discussion. The draft decision is considered adopted when more than half of all members of the Diet vote. If the distrust resolution to the Council of Ministers is rejected, the distrust resolution cannot be made within the next six months for the same reason.

A week ago, at the suggestion of “there are such people” (TISP) who withdrew from the ruling coalition, an agent Vote for early removal Apart from Speaker of the House of Representatives Nicola Minchev, his resignations are GERB-SDS, DPS, and “Vazrazhdane“.

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