Bulgaria: New Supreme Court Chairman

Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) Galina unanimously elected Zakharova Supreme Court President court Court of Cassation (SCC) 20 votes without. She was the only candidate for the post and was nominated by a judge. Zakharova became the first female president in court history. After a seven-hour hearing, Chief Executive Secretary Ivan Geshev, Chief Executive of the Prosecutor’s Office court Georgi Choracov and Rozan Panov themselves, their posts Zakharova I’m planning to take over in February and talked positively about Zakharova.

Bulgarian ruling coalition calls for resignation of prosecutor-general Ivan Geshev

“The location of the prosecution and investigation is in the judiciary department.” Zakharova Said during her hearing before SJC. She was questioned by Supreme Prosecutor Ivan Geshev and Councilor Stefan Petrov. According to her, limiting investigator rights is not a well-thought-out change.

From Kalina Chapkanova SJC Must work intermittently, Zakharova He said it was good to consider the strengths and weaknesses of a solution.

The topic of communication between judges and other authorities was raised by Daniela Markeva. in this regard, Zakharova In states dominated by the rule of law, he said it was unacceptable court Encapsulate and concentrate solely on directing judicial activity.

“In the Supreme court No detailed study of the workload of the Cassation judges has been conducted. “ Zaharova responded to a question from Atanaska Disheva, in some cases before a civil lawsuit. SJC It was many times more expensive than the criminal.

/ Nova Bulgaria: New Supreme Court Chairman

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