Bulgaria: No more money for employers hired Ukrainian

employer of BulgariaHired person Ukrainian Refugees are facing new major problems. Surprisingly, some companies have been on the market since July 1st. state For employers Ukrainian Citizen. Money for hired foreign employees will be stopped.What will happen to the work Ukrainian refugees?

The hotel owner in Hisarya informed him that there was a problem. Accountant Stoyanka Raichinova explained that when she first read the program, she didn’t have to be a hotel worker at the beginning of the program.

“”When they started, they promised to be included in it. In this way, you can receive BGN356 with overhead. However, the latest instructions cannot be included in the program unless you are looking for a new employer.“She explained. She added that six people are employed in the hotel complex where she works. And there are a total of 50 people in the resort town.

“”They are in different positions-waiters, technicians, maids. Salary is completely covered by us, state Promised support. You can hire new employees who don’t need to work for us at this time.Current employee Ukrainian Citizenship will not be able to receive integrated supplements.We have to release them so that they can receive it through another employer“Lychinova revealed.

According to the hired refugees, they rely on money and want to receive their profits. Hotel owners and branch organizations rely on swift action by the Minister of Social Affairs.

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