Bulgaria: Parliament adopted a national budget update in its first

Against the background Protest In support of Nicola Minchev-the first plenary hall adopted was state budgetTherefore, the overall change in the financial framework.

Included-From 1st July, a new VAT rate will be enforced, the tax will be zero for bread and 9 for natural gas supply instead of 20%. On the other hand, the proportion of wine and beer served in restaurants is 20% and does not decrease by 9% during a pandemic.

vote state budget We also secured funding for an increase in pensions approved at the plenary session last year. The new financial framework is calculated with inflation of 11.9 percent and economic growth of 2.9 percent.

The most serious debate was triggered by the increase in debt limits to 10 billion and 300 million revs. The government is already lagging behind in withdrawing funds, as interest rates on government bonds are deteriorating day by day, according to some opponents. Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vasilev announced that withdrawing 3 billion revs would save Japan about 1 percentage point.

Discussion about budget It passed in a relatively calm and professional tone, but Hall was tense at the request of Dessilava Atanasova from GERB to convene an extraordinary meeting on Sunday. According to Chair Christian Vigenin, that is unacceptable. Voted It is currently on and must be officially entered today on Friday, June 17th.

In this special Sunday session, Atanasova insists on discussing the procedural rules for electing a new chairman of Parliament and a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet’s fiscal policy.

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