Bulgaria: The fugitive plane is abandoned at Targovishte Airport, the incident is even more

Abandoned Targovishte airport

Small twin engine beechcraft airplaneFlew undisturbed from Hungary Through the airspace of Serbia and Romania BulgariaLanding on an unused runway in Targovishte airport Near the village of Buhovtsi between Turgoviste and Shumen, OFF News reported. The airport Although private, it hasn’t accepted planes for decades. During the summer, local Roman herbalists hire planes to dry Linden flowers and herbs.

Targovishte Provincial Prosecutor’s Office is leading action to clarify details of open two-seater cases airplane Abandoned by the old airport In the village of Buhovtsi, Ivana Milleva, a spokeswoman for the Varna Appeal Prosecutor’s Office, said.

The text that started the pre-trial procedure in Targovishte is impressive. It’s under the art. Criminal Code 341b-“A person who illegally seized an aircraft on land or in flight, or a ship in the sea or inland waterways of the Republic. Bulgaria Or up to 10 years in prison for establishing control of such funds on the high seas, on a fixed platform on the continental shelf, or.

Varna’s Appeal Prosecutor’s Office adds that inspections are scheduled to take place and data on aircraft movements on international routes will be collected shortly.

The airplane It was discovered Thursday when looking for a potential landing site in the Targovishte region in connection with an incident announced by the Department of Defense of the Republic. BulgariaJune 8, 2022, small airplane Entered the airspace of our country. According to the data available so far airplane Take off from Hungary I flew Serbia and Romania without an approved flight plan.

Work to uncover all the details of what happened is still ongoing under the guidance and supervision of the local prosecutor’s office in the local town.

Investigation into this case is also underway in Hungary.Janoshweida, Managing Director of Debrecen International airportFrom that area airplane Take off and tell the portal what is being explained airplane Did not take off from the airport.

The reporter contacted the Aero Club Hajdúszo Bosslo, which runs a sports club in the Hungarian Aero Club Hajdúszo Bosslo. The club’s director, Ist van Juhos, airplane I started from their airport.

According to Juhos airplane I came from Lithuania and landed in Hajdúszoboslow without permission.People came out of airplane, I went around it and did something, probably refueling from the tube they had in the cabin. Then they returned to the plane.Meanwhile, the police were called in and tried to prevent it. airplane From taking off on the runway, but failed. After 10 to 15 minutes, the machine took off again.

8 minutes later airplane Intercepted by the Hungarian Air Force Gripen. Small machines with Lithuanian registration did not respond to pagers or visual signals. When the transponder was turned off at 17:49 pm, airplane Entered Romanian airspace. On the Targovishte runway, the aircraft was found abandoned and covered with canvas.

/ /Krasimir Kurmov, OFF News

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