Bulgaria: Try this Machine Voting Simulator for the Next Elections –

a”machine vote simulator is Now available on website Central Electoral Commission of Bulgaria and abroad.

The simulator is only available in Bulgarian, but you can try it and test it. The process is pretty easy.

1. Click a card on the left.

2. Choose a political party (number on the left) and, if desired, choose a preferred candidate from this party (number on the right). You can also change pages with the white button: Следваща стр.

3. Once you have made your selections, click the black button below.

4. If you want to change your selection and go back, click the next black button. If not, you can continue by clicking the black button titled “Гласуване” at the bottom.

5. Receive a receipt. Clicking it twice takes you to the receipt (vote) box.

6. Click the bottom card and you’re done.

The simulation is unlimited for anyone who wants to replicate the basics vote operations on the device.

This simulator is part of CEC’s explain campaign. machine vote. A public order was also announced to adopt previously used explanatory audio and video material, as well as posters related to the vote.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for October 2, 2022.

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/BNR Bulgaria: Try this Machine Voting Simulator for the Next Elections –

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