Bulgaria Will Not Approve Ukraine Referendum –

Impact of escalating civil war on our national security Ukraine It was discussed at an advisory council convened by President Lumen Radev. In a statement after the meeting, the head of state announced that Bulgaria would not recognize the state. referendum of Ukraine Repeatedly condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. “Bulgaria is one of the countries most affected by the conflict.“, he added.

Russian president’s decision on partial mobilization will escalate hostilities and have unpredictable consequences for securityy’, President Lumen Radev Said. And he defined the use of nuclear cards by Russia as unacceptable.

on the occasion of referendum It started today, said the head of state:

referendum In combat zones where shells fall next to ballot boxes, it is a legal absurdity, and Bulgaria does not recognize them. Although there are currently no direct military threats to national security, these risks have been assessed and measures have been identified to minimize them.“.

Radev From the first day of the war, he recalled condemning Russian military aggression Ukraine In his opinion, disputes should be resolved through diplomacy.Bulgaria supports European sanctions regime Russiabut also the country most affected by conflict.

What governments are doing is fully preparing all systems that may be affected by the escalation of conflict. This will ensure that Bulgarian businesses and Bulgarian citizens have everything they need to be safe during the autumn-winter season, enabling gas and gas supplies. Crude oil and other commodities are insured.And Bulgarian businesses and Bulgarian citizens will be protectedActing Prime Minister Garab Donev said.

Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and former Ambassador to Japan Ukraine Kostadin Kojabashev also referendum Military actions in four regions of Ukraine have been unsanctioned by the international community and described as another attempt to justify Russia’s military aggression.

Of course, the latest news from Moscow is not very happy. It speaks to the escalation of all our previous concerns, coupled with the nuclear rhetoric and more already spoken.referendum‘, these rather alarming developments reinforce the need for assertive and consistent support for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Ukraine,” He said.

Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov has repeatedly said there are risks to national security.The Bulgarian army is always ready for combat. That is, there is nothing special about the army. What we did – increased surveillance in the eastern part of the country.Mobilization poses national security risks, but so far there is no threat of direct Bulgaria involvement in the conflict” said Minister Stoyanov.

Currently, no Russian citizens have applied for humanitarian or refugee status in our country.

Yesterday I spoke with the Ambassador of Moscow, Mr. Krastin.At this stage we do not know if a Bulgarian citizen resides Russia I want to go back As regards Bulgarian citizens, regardless of whether they live on the territory of Ukraine Also Russia – Of course we accept to bring them back to the country‘ said Kozhavashev.

The interim government is working on mechanisms that will allow it to accept Russian citizens who may seek humanitarian or refugee status after the announced partial mobilization, Kozhabashev explained.

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