Bulgarian and North Macedonian Defense Ministers: Ready to Strengthen

Hours after the EU enlargement commission Oliver Barheli left Bulgaria With a message that he will be back in 3 weeks to ask BulgariaAgreed to start negotiations with the Republic North Macedonia, The military minister next to the southwest has arrived in Bulgaria. Slavjanka Petrovska and her Bulgarian counterpart, Dragomir Zakov, want to speed up dialogue between the two countries in the field of defense.

“”This meeting is NATO member Bulgaria And RNM plays a very important role in the region to maintain stability and security. There is a very important mission before us and future generations. The Balkan Peninsula, especially the West Balkans, is never mentioned again as a powder barrel in Europe. It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure that this is true in the future, as the Balkans will never cause tensions and military conflicts in Europe... This was stated by the Minister defense Dragomir Zakov after the meeting with the Minister defense Of the Republic of North Macedonia.

“”We are at serious risk to the Western Balkans due to the war in Ukraine, and NATO Members We must do everything necessary to prevent the war from spreading across the Ukrainian border“, Zakov added.

“”Both countries are victims of cyber and hybrid attacks and need to work together to manage these risks.“Sakov said.

He reminded me of that Bulgaria It was one of the first countries to ratify the Protocol on the accession of the Republic. North Macedonia To NATO. “”for us, North MacedoniaMembership NATO Guarantor of national territorial integrity and security“Sakov said.

He reminded military personnel of both countries to be actively participating in joint exercises.

Many other issues were discussed at the meeting, including how to work in the Bulgarian cemetery.

Bulgaria Ready to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of defense Because we share common values, destiny, history, and the future, the Defense Minister said.

On her side, Slavjanka Petrovska said she had agreed to further strengthen the collaboration so far. Negotiations on the education of surgeons at the Navy School in Varna and the Academy of Military Medicine in Sofia are in the final stages.Republic Army officer North Macedonia Sent to Sofia’s Army Military School. Bulgarian soldiers were part of an exercise in Macedonia from 2019 to 2020. An invitation to a joint exercise at the Krivolak Center’s RNM has been issued.

Petrovska said North Macedonia Support Finland and Sweden NATO bid. According to her, nothing has been the same since February 24th. Russia’s attack on Ukraine proved that there was no lasting peace. The new geopolitical architecture of the continent requires cohesion, common work, and collective security.

Petrovska’s visit is a continuation of the high-level contacts launched earlier this year to normalize relations between the two countries in the context of European integration. North MacedoniaFirst rejected by France, then Bulgaria Since 2020.

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