Bulgarian Defense Minister: Expulsion of Russian diplomats is

Defense Minister Dragomir Zakov @ Council of Ministers

“”Expulsion of Russia Diplomat If it is logical and not respectful, such steps will followdefense Minister Dragomir Zakov I said in BNT.

According to him, the method must be explored Russia The State promises to continue to be represented in Bulgaria in a way that respects our dignity, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“”The reasons for reaching such extreme measurements are complex-I think SANS has enough data on these activities. Diplomat Or there is an open contempt for Bulgarian territorial technical staff, Bulgaria.The Russia Leadership is when she (Mitrofanova) considers whether to close the mission Russia We send people who treat the Bulgarian mission and the people of Bulgaria with respect.The main decision is Moscow, how to represent Russia in Bulgaria“Dragomir Zakov added.

According to him, there is a need for dialogue between institutions on this issue.

“”We must convene a ministerial meeting. Bulgaria needs stability. Early pre-winter elections without parliament, with a possible long-term cabinet until spring, would be disastrous for Bulgaria.I haven’t discussed the Prime Minister’s post“.

He added that military salaries will be raised on another scale from 1 July.

“”If the war spreads south of Odessa, the greatest risks then arise, and then there is a high risk to our national security, which could lead to the expansion of the war to Moldova.“Designated Dragomir Zakov.

He revealed yesterday that the Navy had found a mine near Kamchiya near the Bulgarian coast.

“”I can’t comment on the presidency, it’s not right for the minister defense To do so, the President is the Commander-in-Chief, which is important to the Minister defense Not good for the military without constructive cooperation with this agency“Dragomir Zakov said.

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/ BNT Bulgarian Defense Minister: Expulsion of Russian diplomats is

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