Bulgarian Economy Minister: Peak Inflation Has Passed –

If nothing happens in war, inflation Thanks to fuel and electricity prices, I don’t think they will go up”. This was made clear by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. Economy industry nicola Stoyanov in BNT.

according to the minister Stoyanov, Bulgaria We need a normal government with a longer view. “We hope this happens, but in the meantime we have the opportunity to Bulgaria In order to realize high growth, not recession,” He said.

Stoyanov As far as he was aware, the caretaker government announced that it intended to propose continuing the 25 cents per liter fuel measure, but specified that the decision would be left to parliament, which is expected to meet this week. . However, according to the economy minister, the measures should still continue, but how long should this be said by the finance minister.

Regarding gas, he commented that the amount of gas for the winter season was secured and the problem was definitely solved. “Approximately 1/3 of the volume will be acquired due to the interconnection with Greece and the contract with Azerbaijan,Stoyanov Said.Minister Economy says Bulgaria Continue to fulfill all obligations under the contract. “My personal opinion is that the door should not be closed.I don’t think the door should be closed if interested people sell us gas at a high price”, commenting on Gazprom.

Stoyanov announced that the idea of ​​bartering gas and electricity was also developed with Ilham Aliyev. “These are additional gas volumes unrelated to this‘ he explains, and if Bulgaria We have managed to attract several such companies, easing the country’s economic situation, as well as highlighting the export of Bulgarian products. The goal is for people to get jobs, work at full volume, and conquer new markets.

“Now our goal is to attract as many suitable investments as possible. The idea is to attract investments that bring in more jobs.Minister Stoyanov He also said that he will soon announce a decision on the focus when looking for new investments.

We want to be ready and work so that we have something to offer our investors. that’s right, Bulgaria You have a unique opportunity at the moment‘ he concluded.

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