Bulgarian protests nationally over electricity and fuel prices on May 18

National representative employer‘Organization- Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA), Bulgarian Industry Association (BIA), Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BCCI), Union employer Bulgarian Industrialists (CEIB / KRIB) and the Union of Private Economic Companies (SSI) Protest May 18th for affordable and safe energy.

“”Fuel and electricity prices have reached affordable levels for the majority of non-household consumers.The price chain has caused an inflation avalanche, which eats up with all its income Bulgarian Citizens chasing the day.

“The state allows tax exemption. work As a beggar waiting for alms. We are not government officials, but states!Because it is developed without solvent work, Can’t exist without work and taxes. It’s time to make this happen! “

“Supporting widely declared” countermeasures ” work In fact, it’s many times less than the number announced, very inadequate, timely, and ineffective. “

“”work I don’t want help- work We want a peaceful environment for making money, maintaining work and making goods.The work We want the delivery of raw materials and the safety and predictability of prices, and we want to return what is exceeded by the source, that is, take appropriate measures for companies and people. “ the employer It was announced for the reason of convening a national protest.

They recall that for almost a year no government has heard clear predictions, discussions and suggestions from businesses.

“”This business deafness has pushed our economy into the current stalemate. This administrative deafness leads our country to the bottom of the economy, and if we continue to fly at this terrifying pace, it will be difficult to push it back from there.“The employer said.

They want to extend the compensation mechanism for ultra-high electricity prices as much as necessary: ​​Compensated by 75% of the difference between the average monthly price of IBEX and the price of the energy mix formed by the excess profit of energy producers. Funding from the security fund of the power system.

Another claim is that the difference between the price of gas in the use of an intermediary and the price of gas received according to the formula of the long-term contract with Gazprom Export will be received as compensation from the budget.

employerOrganizations want to develop and implement mechanisms for long-term supply of electricity, natural gas and petroleum products at affordable prices.

And last but not least, they are pushing for programs to curb inflation and restore supply chains.

If you violate the above requirements employerThe organization will demand the resignation of the government.

They are their Protest Not political, but Bulgarian The economy is predictable and competitive, saving employment and income, reducing inflation and stopping national poverty.

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