Bulgarian Interior Minister: Immigration pressure is increasing, but there is no need to worry –

Acting Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Ivan Demerdiev, @BNR

immigration pressure Bulgarian – About Turkish border We expect it to increase and we are ready to fight it.No worries for now”. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan. DemerdievBulgaria – who inspected the Turks border In Elhovo’s field of responsibility border police.

Dermendzhiev said about the same transition last year: pressure That’s almost a 6x increase, an increase of about 24% compared to last month. In his first seven months of the year, border crossing attempts exceeded his 60,000. Mainly from people in Syria and the Middle East.

We are familiar with situations and issues. So far, there are no grounds for concern. Available forces are coping. About 860 people are assigned from Japan. border police.We are monitoring the situation closely and daily and are ready to respond to additional forces and organizational changes should they change.” said Dermendiev.

No additional force is currently required, but any changes will be addressed immediately.Due to the dynamics of events, these processes should be monitored daily“, he added.

According to Dermendzhiev, the fence is in good condition and the technical equipment is working.

As for the early elections, which Dermendiev is in charge of, he said they have already been in contact with the Central Election Commission and a meeting is scheduled for early next week.

Ensures that everything that exists as good practice is implemented. But our ambition is not just to block votes as we have in the past, but to catch the people behind this vote. Not because of lack of desire, but because of sufficient ability in this direction. The goal was to prevent votes being bought. In addition to this goal, it aims to identify those who deal with this and to hold them to corresponding criminal liability.” said Dermendiev.

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/BNT Bulgarian Interior Minister: Immigration pressure is increasing, but there is no need to worry –

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