Bulgarian Interior Minister: Traffickers flying at 200 km/h – our police cars can’t catch them! –

The migrant trafficking business thrives in our country due to the low penalties for this type of crime.,” said the Bulgarian Acting Minister of the Interior, Ivan Demerdiev. He added that unless the law changes, more and more individuals in criminal gangs will engage in this business.

Today he sent a bill to Congress to change the Penal Code. Demerdiev It was announced one after another at an extraordinary briefing at a ministerial meeting. police Tracking illegal immigrants.

according to Demerdievthe proposed amendment to the Criminal Code aims to assist the Home Office in fighting illegal activities immigrationsincePeople of all nationalities are involved in this traffic, and statistics show that this is due to the low level of punishment for such crimes in our country. “.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, trafficker Now you have a new tactic to drive a powerful car and drive at least 200 km/h. police to catch up with or stop them for their outdated cars.

When asked why uniforms don’t use spikes in such cases, he replied that there were 11 corpses in today’s chase if spikes had been used.”It is extremely difficult to stop a car at high speed” added Demerdzhiev. More than 80 vehicles have passed through the country at high speed in recent months. trafficker Via the highway “Thracia” immigration From southern Bulgaria to the border with Serbia.

I will also appeal to the public prosecutor’s office and the judiciary. The way we approach this type of conduct does not address public danger. The people we stop and detain will be back on the streets in a day, two, three days. It is unacceptable for a person directly responsible for the deaths of two police officers to receive a suspended sentence.The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications cannot leave! ” Demerdiev Announced.

The resignation of Interior Ministry General Secretary Petar Todorov has been forwarded to the President as it falls within his powers. And his deputy, Stanimir Stanev, will be checked by Demerdzheva and will soon decide whether to accept it or not, it became clear from the minister’s words.

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