Bulgarian MPs Accept Budget Extension at First Reading –

127 “yes” votes, 90 “abstain” votes, 2 “against” votes member of parliament accepted a state extension budgetHealth Fund and State Social Insurance at first reading.

“We Continue the Change” is a new budget Presented by the Caretaker Government for 2023.of Ministry The Treasury Department has developed three budget options. If the current policy continues, the deficit will be 6.5%.

GERB-SDS, DPS and “Rise of Bulgaria” support the transitional government not to introduce new ones. budget, but this is done by a regular cabinet. BSP wants more social payments. Among their proposals is raising the minimum wage to 50% of the national average, or making it happen. BGN 850. Where possible, there should also be caps on the prices of natural gas, water, heating and electricity for domestic use.

of Ministry The Treasury Department calculates that such would lead to 4.8 billion. BGN more expenses. In this situation, the deficit would reach 9.4% of the country’s GDP.

WCC claims to be completely new. budget, is not a continuation of what was adopted in the “Petkov” cabinet. They also have more social spending ideas. Ministry increase the spending portion of finances budget To BGN This increases the deficit to 8.7% of GDP.

Radev’s government refuses to submit new proposals budget Raise income, policies to overcome the crisis, fuel prices, etc. budgetcommented WCC’s Venko Sabrutev.

However budget protected by action Prime Minister Garab Donev.

The Interim Government’s main task is to investigate the problems facing the Bulgarian citizens, and we have addressed that. The interim government guaranteed heating, lighting and we dealt with it. It was the government that adopted inflation for the first time in its proposed initiatives and measures. The Caretaker Government was a government that also worked to ensure an increase in the income of the Bulgarian people.‘ said Doneff.

“Vazrazhdane” announced that it will refrain from supporting budget Because I think the costs are not distributed correctly. WCC has been unable to say where the money for it will come from, despite its desire to increase the pension.

BSP submits proposals between two readings of the budget.

Today we are looking at the issues that matter most to the state. We’ve been saying this since October 17th. budget I talk.We cannot leave the state in a state of uncertainty and we cannot leave the people in this price situation where income is frozen. budget You claim to have found many crises and at the same time offer to extend the period. budget of the previous governmentsaid Cornelia Ninova.

If inflation growth is greater than income growth, it means we are in poverty.Bulgarians have been in poverty for the past 25 years.These are not just my words. I’ve heard the unions claim the same thing.said Delian Dobrev of GERB-SDS.

I want to get back to the serious talk about budgets. The main risks are: budget If the extension is approved and a government is formed, there will be no problem, but if the Cabinet is not formed, we will enter the hypothesis that a new government will be launched in May.Until then, is there a buffer“, said Martin Dimitrov of Democratic Bulgaria”.

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/BNT Bulgarian MPs Accept Budget Extension at First Reading –

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