Bulgarian Physicians: Men and Women Ages 30-40 Have Stroke After

“There is a case of a young patient who has had a stroke. Extensive research has shown that this is the only reason it was found after COVID-19. experience.. “ This is the head of the clinic tension Illness of Associate Professor Rosen of University Hospital “St. Anna” Carpachiki Said.

“We are talking about healthy men and women aged 30-40 without risk factors. stroke -No hypertension, no changes in lipids, no heart disease, suddenly stroke“, Said the professor. Carpachiki In an interview with the Ministry of Health “+ I” Campaign on vaccines and vaccination benefits for COVID-19.

“After the lungs, what is most affected by SARS-CoV-2 tension The system, says the neurologist. ” Post-COVID syndrome is primarily associated with neurological complaints, the so-called “brain fog”. “For a long time, these patients feel tired, have difficulty concentrating, have headaches, dizziness, and are unable to return to their normal lifestyle. Neurological disorders are due to all of these. This is vaccination recommended. Another reason to do this is to save people from future health complications. “ I advise Assoc. Professor Karupachiki.

According to him, all 6,000 patients COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Those who have passed the hospital “St. Anna” will be examined neurologically.Association professor Carpachiki He categorically claims that pandemics increase the risk of more serious illnesses and complications in patients with neurological disorders. “The connection here is bidirectional, but it’s more COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Rather than neurological disorders suggesting more severe COVID-19, the disease causes a more severe course of underlying disease.People with neurological disorders COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Much more often when they are not vaccinated.Some patients were with us at our clinic COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) After vaccination, but the illness was much milder among them. ” Said the neurologist.

Pandemics of other illnesses, especially respiratory illnesses, are not new to humankind, says Assoc. Professor Karupachiki. “The only way people have dealt with epidemics of all kinds is when almost 100% of them are vaccinated. There are no neurological disorders that contraindicate COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccines protect us. I can only do that. “ He said. “We want to be part of Europe in everything, so we have to make the same effort in the number of vaccinations, which means that far more people in Europe are vaccinated. I don’t know how it was achieved, but we have to do it too “, Association professor Carpachiki It is a category.

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