Bulgarian politics: President Rumen Radev hands BSP a third

Kornelia Ninova (left), George Svilenski (center), Rumen Radev (right)

“”I entrust to a parliamentary group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Nominate a candidate for prime minister,” Said president Rumen Radev government According to BSP.

In his words BSP We have shown that we can maintain good tone in a complex system of equations and seek consensus. “Coexistence of power“And work with that political enemy.

“From the left, I believe that the values ​​that connect people-peace, justice, solidarity, and freedom are also the values ​​that all Bulgarian people have. government Need to guide“Lumen Radef added.

“”I will present you the protocol BSP Parliamentary group I am allowed to investigate Delegation“Georgi Svilenski added.

He added it BSP I will make every effort.

This is the last attempt to form government Within the framework of the 47th Diet.

“We continue to change” could not gain support as the first political force, and GERB-SDS soon Delegation -With the idea that special elections are the solution to the national political crisis.

According to the constitution BSP There is no deadline to return Delegation -Satisfied or unsatisfied. According to a 1992 interpretation decision, this is recommended to be done within a week.

During discussions with the Head of State on Friday, the leader on the left, Cornelia Ninova, government In this parliament with former coalition partners from “there are such people”, “we continue to change”, “democratic Bulgaria”. She argues that the prime minister should be nominated by the largest political party in parliament, “We will continue to change,” and that there should be primarily politicians rather than experts.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who resigned, also said, “The strings are pulled from behind the scenes.. “There are such people” and “Democratic Bulgaria” are also ready to sit at the negotiating table.

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/ BNT Bulgarian politics: President Rumen Radev hands BSP a third

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