Bulgarian post resignation, cyberattack points to

“Today I have requested the resignation of the Executive Director of Bulgaria Post And the overall structure of the board of directors “ Said the principal PositionDeputy Prime Minister Karina Constantinois.

“Bulgarian Position Only when we said they had plans for recovery did it catch fire.Prior to our intervention, no one was thinking of including Bulgarian. Position In a recovery and sustainability plan “Said the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Konstantinova Position The office is a very valuable state capital and, in many places, is the only face of the state to the people.She gives examples in many European countries, not because of pride, but of ours Position The office is the cause of shame.

Position The office receives 80 million BGN state funding each year. I found a company that systematically and consistently went bankrupt. GERB’s Treasury does not systematically fund Bulgarian people. Post, Despite that commitment.Tens of millions of people Position It is a mystery that I went to the office. “ Karina Constantinois said.

She is bulgarian Post The courier share is less than 2%. According to her, the owner did not fund the deficit service.

SANS Chairman Pramen Tonchev, who is attending a press conference on this matter at the Council of Ministers, said the authorities cyber- attack To Position Office on April 16th.

Position The office itself initially refused our help because it would deal with the problem on its own. “ Tonchev emphasized, Position The office was not designated as a strategic location by the Council of Ministers.

On his side, IT experts and advisors from the office of Deputy Prime Minister Vasil Velichkov provided details.He announced the virus used by the Bulgarian Post The attack was handwritten by the Russian Federation.

Berichkov is attack It started with the penetration of the Bulgarian network Post On April 4th, all servers were carefully scanned and additional tools for malicious code were installed. The test took place on April 5th and then calmed down until April 16th. According to IT experts, this was done to wait for the holiday and at the same time wait for the moment of pension payment.

He informed that part of the Bulgarian archive Post Probably lost.

Delayed reaction and its employees Position According to experts, offices are run from so-called “home offices” and the cryptovirus has caused serious damage.

Much of the data will probably be lost forever. Currently, 26 services are not available. One of them is domestic cargo tracking and invoice payment.

He added that restoring the billing service would require reinstalling 6000 computers at 2,800 payments.

In addition, IT experts have expressed suspicion of internal information leaks.

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