Bulgarian Posts is fined 1 million

Personal Information Protection Commission data (CPPD) has drafted a bill of 1 million lev (511,540 euros).Bulgarian postIt’s about the fact that “the act is the company.”Failure to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures“Front and middle cyber- attack April 16th Like this year, we have allowed malware to encrypt sensitive databases.Not sensitive data It was leaked, but appropriate technical and organizational measures were not implemented before and after it was implemented. cyber- attack. This was reported to the BTA by the office of Karina Konstantinova, Deputy Prime Minister for effective management who resigned.

A personal and thorough review of CPPD in recent months data Not only the protection system was implemented, but the entire harsh history cyber- attack It caused millions of damages Bulgarian post Early April of this year.Investigation proved that management at the time ignored both proper offerings. cyber- Security of a privately run company data Millions of Bulgarian acted irresponsibly on the day of the attack. From the timeline of the event, it’s clear that the actions of employees who were supposed to turn off Internet access were delayed by more than 12 hours. If access to the global network is interrupted in time, the damage is many times less.

“”From May 9th to May 19th, a team of CPPD experts conducted a complete inspection of all Bulgarian Posts servers and workstations. After diagnosis, the situation was further complicated by the fact that the database backup was also found to be encrypted. Information system backups are stored on the same disk array as the corresponding production database, which is absolutely unacceptable. The purpose of backup is to protect your information when: attack, And they definitely need to be placed in another safe place. It’s like leaving a spare car key in the car.

Due to the lack of organizational and technical measures to protect your personal data, it is important to state that this law was created. Survey traffic from April 1st to 16th reveals that there are no personal leaks, so people can calm down. data“, BTA Chairman CPPD Vencislav Karadjov commented.

“”External attackers had no direct physical contact with the following information systems: Bulgarian postThis suggests using some agents to break in before performing malicious actions“The report states. As a result of unauthorized access, the ability to ensure the continuous confidentiality, availability, integrity, and restoring of a company’s systems has been compromised.

“”On April 16th, an old post office administrator established a system breach, which later turned out to have been carried out on April 9th.Virus activation is consistent with the surgical accuracy of the day the Easter allowance begins and should be paid to pensioners and we have that purpose attack Compromise and interfere with this campaign. I believe CPLD’s actions are completely objective and impartial, so I will not appeal to that decision. In legally fair and developed European countries, the decisions of independent bodies should be implemented, using deliberately created loopholes in the law that allow appeals until the expiration of the statute of limitations. Must not be.We have repeatedly said that no one can and should not feel punished“, Principal of Karina Konstantinova commented Bulgarian post He resigned as Deputy Prime Minister for effective management for the BTA.

“”Bulgarian post Take the actions created by CPPD seriously. From day one of the new management team, we have not only revived the company, but also transformed it into a safe, modern and digital postal and management operator.The legal recommendations have already been taken into account and the amount of the fine will be covered by future compensation and will not affect the company’s current sales.The new executive director, Bogdan Theofanidis, also explained to the BTA.

The digitization and modernization of post office branches is guaranteed by an investment of over 101 million levs from the national plan for recovery and sustainability.Some of them are specifically aimed at ensuring information security. Bulgarian post We provide the latest software and hardware to protect our external and internal security systems and train our employees to work with the new systems.

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