Bulgarian Posts Revives Domestic

Bulgarian Post The state-owned enterprise said it has resumed accepting and paying domestic money orders, adding that a list of post offices that can accept and pay money orders is open to the post office. Website..

Express Money Orders can be paid at any post office from the list above and are usually specified to be payable only at the post office to which they are sent.

Also, payment of unpaid remittances accepted before hackers attack April 16th starts on June 6th.

After a hacker attackDeputy Prime Minister Karina Konstantinova, currently sponsored under it Bulgarian PostShe said she came from Russia or the former Soviet Republic, dismissing the company’s old management team and appointing Bogdan Theofanidis as acting caretaker for three months, just like other private sector managers. As a reason for the change in management, Konstantinova has announced that it is performing poorly and that there is no solution to save the company from continued growth losses.

It is still impossible to calculate the economic loss from cyber attack, Because the system is not fully functional and attacks continue. 6600 computers will be phased on in 2300 locations. Konstantinova announced that more than 300 computers have stopped working and donations are being sought to acquire new ones.

The company receives 80 million BGN annually from the state for its three services: Universal Postal Service, pension payments and print distribution.

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