Bulgarian President Blames ‘Petkov’ Cabinet Over New Gas Prices, Defends Talks With Gazprom –

Kirill Petkov (left) and Rumen Radev (right)

President Lumen Radev described as shocking price natural gas September after returning from an official visit to the UAE. Yesterday, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) price An increase of about 19% compared to August to BGN 353.21/MWh. Government activities are price of gasthe president said the acting government’s task is to hold elections and control inflation.

Radev emphasizedbig jumpin the ” price was due to two liquefaction gas The tanker was contracted in July.Petkov” The cabinet and Bulgargas’ former management were still in power. He, price of gas Almost double the value that businesses and consumers have declared to be very tolerable.

Even if mixed with Azeri gas These surprisingly high values ​​cannot be mitigated,” Radev Said.

At a press conference where the authorities declared negotiations for supplies from Japan gazprom Inevitably, Deputy Prime Minister Hristo Aleksiev, who is also head of the crisis energy staff, price For them, it is BGN 250/Mwh. Employers’ associations such as the Union of Employers, the Industrial Capital Association and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce said it was achievable with supplies from Russian companies, according to previous documents.

Bulgargaz did not disclose the two tanker deals in September. Prime Minister Kirill visiting the United States in May Petkov Two LNG tankers were contracted, but quantities were planned for June. Data from ‘DESFA’ – Greek gas The transmission operator and owner of the Revithoussa terminal announced on September 8 that 88,626 cubic meters of gas QOGIR tankers need to be unloaded in Bulgaria.

today, Radev said to be supplied by gazprom It’s one of the less exhausted options, but it’s clearly not the only solution and not the price to pay. He referred to questions from the Ministry of Energy about Russia’s reaction to Bulgaria’s proposal to resume supply negotiations following a unilateral hiatus from the end of April.

It is a solution if the conditions such as price Delivery rescheduling is achieved,” He said.

But this is not the opinion of Ivan Ivanov, Chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. gas Hub auction, auction from Azerbaijan, along with supply of liquefied natural products gascan ensure favorable prices for consumers and fully cover the needs of the country.

The interconnector with Greece is scheduled to go online on October 1, which will increase Azerbaijan’s supply of gas. Today, the provincial minister has ensured that its construction will be completed on time.

Radev Urged parties not to draw the ‘red line’

With the start of today’s election campaign, Radev He called for a functioning parliament and a stable and normal government after the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

He said he called on them to continue the policy of protecting citizens in crisis situations led by the caretaker government. Adopt a legal framework under the Recovery and Resilience Plan and implement reforms with a long-term perspective.”everyone expects

Let’s hope that the political parties learn their lessons and don’t burn the bridges they have to negotiate to form a government in the election campaign. The short lifespans of the last parliament and government clearly demonstrate the continued red line drawing, how negative campaigns can lead us, and the refusal of dialogue.said Radev.

He advised political parties to carry out forward-looking campaigns in the name of the interests of society and not to exploit them based on facts.

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