Bulgarian Prime Minister Candidate: Return to President Without Performing

Former Speaker of Parliament Nikola Minchev (left), Candidate Prime Minister Asen Vasilev (center), resigned as Prime Minister, and now “continues to change” Kiril Petkov @ BNT

At 5 pm, President Rumen Radev welcomes the candidate for prime minister nominated by Asen, the largest parliamentary group in the 47th parliament. VasilevTo whom, according to the constitutional procedure, he Handed over the first search Delegation Form a government within the current parliament.

At a parliamentary briefing a few minutes ago, Asen Vasilev Confirmed that he will return Delegation Not satisfied.

“”Unfortunately, I couldn’t find 121 MPs to support the program. In this parliament, I managed to reach 117 MP. In the next parliament, we expect more MPs to support u.s “said Asen VasilevCandidate for Prime Minister of the Draft Cabinet.

Prime Minister Kirill resigned earlier today Petkov Said That Delegation Rather it is returned as unsatisfied. “We continue to change” could not secure support from 121 Agent Despite recent talks, in Congress.

“”We are in a political crisis and our partners are watching what happens.This crisis is causing great damage to the Bulgarian people“, Petkov Said and added: “By this time- Delegation Will be returned“.

According to the Constitution, the GERB-SDS coalition receives a second mission. However, they are no longer trying to form a government and have declared that they will return it.

President Rumen Radev chooses who to give the third term. So far, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and “Democratic Bulgaria” have called for preparations to form a new cabinet.

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/ BNT Bulgarian Prime Minister Candidate: Return to President Without Performing

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