Bulgarian Prime Minister: Kremlin’s Economic Blackmail Does Not

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov

“The Kremlin’s economic extortion against my country and the EU is unsuccessful. Today’s event is evidence. Bulgaria and Greece lay the foundation for geopolitical projects that will change the energy map of the region as a whole, not just energy. I am. “ This was stated by Bulgarian prime minister Kiril Petkov At the opening of the construction of floating liquefaction gas Terminal near Alexandroupoli.

Liquefied natural gas The terminal near Alexandroupoli is in Greece gas A transmission network over a 28-kilometer pipeline. Via an existing route gas You will be able to reach Bulgaria, Serbia, the Republic of North Macedonia and more. The planned capacity of the facility is 6.1 billion m2 per year. Among the reserved capacities is Bulgalgaz, which is 500 million cubic meters per year.

The opening ceremony was attended by Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitztakis, European Council President Charles Michel, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, and RN Macedonia Prime Minister Dimital Kobachevsky.

Petkov told his colleague Mitsutakis that he had taken the opportunity to thank him for the accelerated work in Greece-Bulgaria. gas Interconnector.

Neighboring friendly Greece is leveraging the capabilities of the existing Levitusa Terminal to support Bulgaria at this important time, Petkov said.

The Greek Prime Minister said at the beginning of the ceremony that the moment was coming soon Russia gas It will be replaced and the difficulties posed by Russia will be overcome. He described the construction of an LNG terminal near Alexandroupoli as an energy gateway to the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

“Soon it will be exchangeable Russia gas With other sources from other places “, Mitsutakis said.

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