Bulgarian Prime Minister May 9: Celebrating Europe

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov @ Council of Ministers

“upon in May 9, we celebrate a unified European holiday. This Europe was founded in the middle of the last century by a true visionary who survived the horrors of two world wars, divisions, and great human suffering. But they had the courage to turn their backs on pain and revenge, look boldly at the future, and mark the beginning of unity. European Continent. “ This is stated in the Prime Minister’s speech Kiril PetkovPublished on the official Facebook page of the Council of Ministers.

“Europe has become a model for freedom, solidarity, economic prosperity and prosperity by recognizing unity and tolerance as its core values.”

“Today, unfortunately, there is another terrible war in Europe. People have died, millions of destinies have been destroyed, and dozens of towns and villages have been abandoned. These tragic events It clearly shows that human life, unity, peace and unity are of utmost value, and we must do our best to maintain and maintain them. “

“We believe that Europe shows its strength and unity, because we can only tackle challenges together and emerge from them more unitedly.” Said the prime minister.

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/ BNT Bulgarian Prime Minister May 9: Celebrating Europe

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