Bulgarian Prime Minister: Minority Government

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov @ Council of Ministers

“”We are ready a few government. We don’t spend money without supervision,“We will continue to change,” said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at a press conference.Coming a few minutes after Slavi Trifonov publication that “There is such a person“Has left the coalition.

“”TISP Minister Karadjov has increased his budget by $ 3 billion and demanded that these companies pay an additional $ 600 million. This has been investigated by Minister Rashkov in recent months. When we said that this budget was to lower the prices of gasoline and diesel, they said they wouldn’t agree if the money for these companies didn’t go.Today we told them in the Council of Ministers that this would not happen“Petkov said.

“”A a few governmentIn this case, much better than government Hand in hand,” He said.

/ Nova

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