Bulgarian Prime Minister: Sufficient to support Ukraine is already

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov (left) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (right) @ Council of Ministers

“”This discussion about whether we give weapons Ukraine Whether we already had it, we have a parliamentary decision, we will comply decision“. This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

“”The first machine for repairs we promised is coming, we will do it“, Petkov emphasized.

“”I don’t think I need to restart this topic every two weeks. Ukraine At the level of assistance to refugees and funds, we will introduce all kinds of humanitarian aid and repair their war machines. This is the fact that it supported all measures regarding sanctions against Russia. We, the province of Bulgaria, have done enough to support them. We will continue to do so.“, Petkov emphasized.

About it North MacedoniaPetkov said: “Do nothing under pressure.. “

“”We are trying to determine if the Bulgarian desire and need for Bulgarian support at RNM is guaranteed through the European process. We are currently negotiating, so we will leave it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The question is whether Bulgaria’s position is guaranteed through the European process and whether someone puts pressure on us. “Said Petkov.

Regarding the hail-damaged farmers in the Plovdiv region, the Prime Minister said they had allocated an additional 300 million levs. “”Introducing an unprecedented additional budget-300 million levs of additional funding.They cover all hail damage there,” He said.

“”There are quite a few optimizations in the program for farmers. The state takes care of them. Funds are paid transparently.We guarantee that farmers are equal in front of the state“Petkov added.

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