Bulgarian refugee camps overcrowded –

Busmanzi Refugee Center

All Refugee Centers in Bulgaria 20% or more overcrowded. ‘Pastrogor’ is overcrowded, and so are refugees camp in Busmanzi. It has a capacity of 300 people and currently holds over 420 people. I haven’t had that problem in the last couple of years.

refugees Housed in TV rooms, hallways, utility rooms, etc. immigration Mainly from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, less from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria. “restrained at any time immigration They come from all over the country, but most of them are under the age of 30 and more than 95% are men. Few of them know Western languages.some speak frenchBGNES reported from one of the refugee camps. Center employees complain of limited funding and the inability to maintain existing facilities.Elementary ones are forced to write reports and instructions, and even parts that cost 50 leva each will wait several months for approval. This means that by the time this is approved, the required machinery or technology is already completely out of service.said a center official.

They complained that the 24/7 workload had already created tension among staff.

Several incidents have occurred in the last 10 days. Bulgaria dozens of refugees caught in our country. In one of his incidents in Burgas he killed two police officers.

The European television channel Euronews broadcast an extensive report on the restoration of the so-called Balkan route. immigrationIt starts in Turkey, goes through Greece, and from there to North Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary.the other is from turkey and passes through Bulgaria, Serbia, again arriving in Hungary. There were also serious incidents on the Serbian-Hungarian border last week. immigration He complained of being mistreated by the Hungarian border authorities.

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