Bulgaria’s new gas prices are almost 14%

The energy And the Water Regulation Authority (EWRC) Set new price natural gas In May. This is almost 14% higher or BGN 162.17 / MWh (excluding access, transmission, excise tax and VAT prices). Regulatory calculations show that due to the end of the heating season, price The impact on home consumers’ invoices is minimal.

Early in the afternoon yesterday, the state-owned company Burgargaz submitted its forecast, EWRC I met in a closed session.

A few days ago, Bulgalgaz demanded 30% price Increased due to the need to pay for replacements.This was not accepted EWRC Therefore, the decision to adopt a new one price natural gas It was postponed on the 13th. In Bulgargaz, inspections were also conducted by the ministry. energyBut no violations were found.

According to the latest calculation of energy Regulators, new reasons to reduce initial predictions price Contains a natural amount gas I received it from Azerbaijan.

The EWRC So far, the forecast for Bulgalgaz in June is price 140 BGN per MWh, which is comparable to that of April.The main reason will be the agreed delivery of American liquefaction gas During that month.Official state application gas The company will be submitted next week.

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