Bunnyshell Raises $ 4 Million to Expand US Presence – Romanian Journal

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The environmental services company has appointed Shani Shoham as Chief Revenue Officer.

Bunnyshell, an environment (EaaS) platform as a service, announced today that it has raised $ 4 million in additional funding. Investment from Early Game Ventures (EGV) and RocaX Ventures will be used primarily to expand into the US market. In addition, Bunnyshell has announced the appointment of Shani Shoham as Chief Revenue Officer.

Bunnyshell creates a replica of your production environment, no matter how complex the architecture is and what services are used. As part of your development lifecycle, it automatically launches a new environment for each pull request for development, testing, demo, or deploying your application to the customer cloud. Bunnyshell’s EaaS includes availability rules to manage the cost of resources and automatic updates to avoid drift issues.

Alin Dobra, co-founder and CEO of Bunnyshell, said:We will focus more on the North American market and help more CTOs and engineering leaders release faster and eliminate bottlenecks. The complexity of today’s software architecture, including cloud-native services, security policies, datasets, and more, makes managing an environment a complex process that requires multiple DevOps engineers. We have created Bunnyshell to help developers focus on delivering code and allow organizations to ship quickly without having to hire dozens of DevOps engineers. Shani builds a scalable market development organization and brings a wealth of experience in deploying DevOps products from individual developers to enterprise tools.

Previously, developers were developing their code on a limited number of old production replicas. The result was multiple flaws before staging and production, creating code merging and refactoring bottlenecks. Bunnyshell allows developers to develop and test their code as close to production as possible, resulting in lower rollbacks, higher code quality, and more frequent releases.

“I’ve worked with the CTO and Vice President of Engineering in my previous role, but I’ve seen the challenge of managing the environment first hand, so when Bunnyshell contacted me, I was immediately interested. Developers spend nearly one-fifth of their time managing their environment, which was a bottleneck for many of my customers. EaaS is an organization with more than a few dozen employees, regardless of industry. It’s a painkiller for you. As long as you have a containerized application, you can benefit from it.“Shani Shoham said. “”I was impressed with the traction that Bunny Shell gained in Europe with a little effort. We plan to grow aggressively in the United States and around the world. “

“Most EaaS solutions are suitable for simple applications. Bunnyshell’s EaaS platform offers the potential for complex applications across repositories and cloud providers without the need for Kubernetes knowledge.” Christian Munteanu, Managing Director of The Early Games Ventures, said. “”With Shani joining the team, the company has established itself as a category leader, bringing its flexibility, auto-update capabilities, and multi-cloud support to many engineering organizations in the United States. “

Bunnyshell was founded by Roxana Ciobanu and Alin Dobra and has been successful in the European market. The company will use this expanded investment to expand its business in the United States, including hiring Shani Shoham as the highest-margin office to lead sales, marketing and customer success teams. Shani was previously the founder and CEO of 21Labs, which was acquired by Perforce Software, and the president of, which was acquired by Tricentis. Bunnyshell Raises $ 4 Million to Expand US Presence – Romanian Journal

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