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Business “control tower” – how to do the right thing in 2022

As the Middle East and Africa emerge from the economic stagnation of the last two years, the company will embark on its own recovery journey in 2022. While each is unique, the common thread needs to rethink what it means. competition. Digital transformation was about questions such as “Should we?”, “Will we?”, “When will we?”. Business leaders are now asking, “What should I do?” “How fast can you do it?” Luxury has become indispensable.

When an organization suddenly discovers that it’s agile, cost-effective, or unpromising, decision makers get scrambled when they all need it yesterday. Reinvent the policy and procure the architecture and tools to properly configure the organization. road. Indeed, we have already seen scramble. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, in April 2020, “we saw two years of digital transformation in two months.” To make such an operational leap, we need to go beyond the fragmented and rapid DX strategy that was used before the pandemic. After all, stakeholders see the entire industry reforming themselves every day. Now is the time for an overhaul that will have a huge impact on your business.

However, climbing such a mountain requires a large amount of data for business leaders. They need a solution that unleashes practical insights in that data and provides a rich visualization (“control tower”) style perspective for the enterprise. The benefits are abundant.

Organization at a glance
A new tower console created by decision makers gives you a high-end view of your enterprise and its operations. They will soon find out how change leads to internal operations and employees, outside the business and around the world.

Data, operations, and DX projects are integrated rather than confined to different departments because silos can be eliminated. DX can be linked to your actual needs. From the new tower, senior managers can drive change from top to bottom, rather than fighting to convince others that department heads have only noticed themselves.

Previously, these silo leaders also had the drawback of not being able to develop meaningful project plans in a broader business context. When the tower leader sees the big picture, it removes traditional obstacles, strengthens projects, and transforms all parts of the company.

System overview
Technology—its capabilities, the data it collects, the information it produces, and the processes it manages—is all focused on the Tower. From here, technology specialists and line-of-business owners can see what each system does, how it works, and why. They will be able to more easily see where the problem occurred, why the ROI did not occur, and what they can do to resolve the problem. Top-down views reveal obstacles to value and allow businesses to make changes to the technology stack that accelerates DX’s journey.

In many cases, the journey is stalled because the legacy system is being put together with the new system. This has been especially common in recent years as local businesses flock to the cloud and unknowingly introduce more complexity into their IT suites. This also caused compliance issues in areas where regulatory agencies are becoming more stringent. Clear, full-stack observability, as well as strong KPIs, is essential to maintaining business compliance.

A world that can be understood at a glance
The global digital economy is rising. It won’t stop. It cannot be avoided. This affects what a company sells and how it is sold. It affects who they sell to and how they interact with them. And it affects who they hire and how they hold them. We are now living, working, shopping and playing in an experiential economy.

Companies with control towers are well equipped to appreciate this new world. They can look at the success stories of other businesses and industries and introduce new technologies that help them reinvent their own operating models. It doesn’t matter where the innovation comes from. What matters is the experience provided. If chatbots, IoT sensors, 5G, or augmented reality can please your customers, those technologies are good for your business.

Employees at a glance
MEA is home to the most diverse cultures and traditions on the planet. We live in different backgrounds, experiences, tastes, perspectives and customs. And the blind spot. To meet all your needs, you need to close the knowledge gap. Diversity needs to be maintained from bottom to top in order to democratize the changes that are taking place around us.

I glanced at it, but can you see it?
The Tower is aware of changes, failures, values, waste, and more. The entire industry may be heading in a particular direction, is that the right direction? In 2022, a control tower may be at hand to support decision making. But the decision is made by people. High-level views make it easier to identify problems, but the actions are based on human beliefs. Correct movement can mean the difference between a problem and an opportunity. Make the right choice. Then the future is up to you.

Mark Ackerman is ServiceNow’s Area VP – Middle East and Africa.

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