Business Insider: The Global Market Expects an Insanely Difficult

The world market is “Insanely difficult“” summer Due to the European Union’s partial embargo on Russian oil work Insiders report by citing analyst Victor Chateney.

According to him, the only hope for lower resource prices is “Extremely“” high Loan interest rate.

“”The immediate impact in the near future will be insanely difficult and insanely stressful. summer“Châtenay says.

BI authors believe that attempts to steal energy income from Moscow did not have the expected effect.

“”on the contrary, Russia It currently exports more oil than it did before the conflict in Ukraine and receives about $ 20 billion a month from foreign buyers thanks to soaring Insider reported.

The experts interviewed by the publication Russia Given the recovery in the tourism sector after the pandemic, increased demand could lead to further increases in oil prices.

After the start of the war in Ukraine, the West increased pressure on Moscow. Some countries have announced a freeze on Russian assets and many brands have withdrawn. The EU has already approved six sanctions packages, including a gradual embargo on coal and oil imports.

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