Busting the various myths and misconceptions about birds

There are numerous issues that individuals don’t find out about birds. Greater than this, circumstances typically conspire to end in not merely ignorance of bird-related subjects, however within the unfold of myths and misconceptions.

Begin with birds and seasons, the subject of false impression No. 1: Birds are most ample in spring. Whereas there are lots of species that migrate north to California within the spring, there are considerably extra that migrate south (or, much less ceaselessly, out from the chilly inside or down from larger elevations) to our average coastal local weather. Marin’s winters are good! And in order we transfer into fall, we are going to see rising numbers of shorebirds, waterfowl, raptors and quite a few songbird species.

False impression No. 2 can also be associated to the seasons: Chicken feeders will forestall birds from migrating on time. For many birds, the first set off of migration is day size. Abundance of meals isn’t a deterrent to migration — birds need to be well-nourished after they take off on their lengthy journeys, not pushed to the sting of hunger by an incapacity to search out meals. On associated subjects of migration and feeding, we are able to rapidly eliminate a lot of different myths:

False impression No. 3: Hummingbirds go away in winter. Not in Marin! We have now a big inhabitants of Anna’s hummingbirds all yr spherical.

False impression No. 4: Chicken feeders trigger songbirds to grow to be dependent. They don’t! Birds are at all times looking for wild meals sources along with visiting feeders and won’t endure if a feeder is taken down or not refilled for some time. Many pure meals sources are equally ample for some time — till they aren’t. Birds need to be able to transition as a given plant stops flowering or fruiting, as an example.

False impression No. 5: You should boil water to make hummingbird meals. Unboiled faucet water is completely protected for hummingbirds, though heat water will make it simpler to dissolve the sugar.

The usual recipe for hummingbird nectar is 4 elements water to at least one half white desk sugar, a ratio which imitates that present in pure flower nectar. It’s true that it’s best to keep away from different sweeteners and even natural sugar with a brown tint, which signifies a better iron focus that hummingbirds can not course of successfully.

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