BVB Made in Romania Program Nominates 5th Edition Finalists at Awards Ceremony – The Romania Journal

1 5 more – Public Vote A 100% Romanian brand operating under the slogan Smile, there’s coffee!
2 Agricloud The company uses IoT technology to monitor crops, vineyards, orchards and livestock farms.
3 Agroland Business System – Public Vote A group of Romanian entrepreneurs operating one of the most extensive networks of agricultural stores in Romania.
Four Antibiotics palm One of the most important Romanian generic drug manufacturers
Five talent code Romanian microlearning platform for businesses and educational institutions.
6 Curtea Bechet Publishing It is a Romanian privately owned company and one of the largest Romanian publishers.
7 rhinoscale system Cyscale Systems helps your business by securing your applications and data in the cloud.
8 Deltamed With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading manufacturers of special intervention vehicles in Eastern Europe.
9 Digisign It is one of the leading suppliers in the field of public key infrastructure (PKI) and information technology security services.
Ten dot lumen– Public Vote dotLumen is a scalable solution for visually impaired mobility.
11 Fintech OS A startup that develops digital solutions for the financial industry that meet the changing needs of consumers.
12 Ilum Founded in 1953, IRUM specializes in the construction of machinery and equipment and is committed to manufacturing Romanian products.
13 merlin drink The company is known for the following brands: Vitamin Aqua (market leader in its category), Lemonade, Pop Cola and Vitaminimix.
14 Transavia A family business and the only Romanian producer that produces, raises, processes and distributes all chickens.
15 zebra pay The company specializes in providing payment solutions through Romania’s largest self-service terminal network.

“We have reached the 5th edition of the Made in Romania programme, and we can once again see companies in a strongly developing industry in this country, in harmony with the structure of the economy. Sector companies accounted for the largest share, a performance seen in previous editions, followed by companies in the consumer goods sector and manufacturing. to respond to challenges and inspire us with our determination and ability to turn them into development opportunities.A company with over 30 years of history alone that is a model of resilience and continuous adaptation to consumer needs. We also see companies that have been on the market for only a few years and have already stood out in their field.Every time we meet the semi-finalists and finalists of the Made in Romania project, we are proud to say that they have succeeded. Discover the stories of Romanian entrepreneurs.We are happy to provide a platform where they can promote themselves and access the strategies that will help them grow.” Bucharest Stock Exchange President Radu Hanga said:

“We have reached this important stage of the Made in Romania project and are pleased to announce a community of entrepreneurs formed around the program from both big players with a tradition in the capital market and those at the beginning of their journey. and the benchmark of the Romanian economy, this edition brings to the forefront 15 Made in Romania stories that stand out through the innovations they bring to their fields of activity, business dynamics and their relentless efforts to become the engine of the Romanian economy. In the list of finalists we see diversity and ambitious growth plans that reflect the Romanian entrepreneurial spirit: every company is unique and we know that they can offer this platform to tell their stories. We congratulate them and wish them every success.” Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO Adrian Tanase said:

The results are from the day the public voting period ended on July 31st, when the first three finalists were selected, and on the day of the jury meeting on August 2nd, a two-stage selection of finalist companies. obtained after selected 12 out of 15 entrepreneurial success stories. The public voting stage attracted 10,132 valid votes and voters showed their support for their favorite companies. Of these, dotLumen received his 1,251 votes from the public, followed by Agroland Business System with 1,049 valid votes and 951 votes with five remaining votes.

The Made in Romania project was launched by the Bucharest Stock Exchange in 2017 to identify and promote top Romanian companies. By developing The platform positions the Bucharest Stock Exchange as the main funding channel for Romanian entrepreneurs.At the same time, we are also aiming for a platform investors, consultants, and especially enterprise Growth prospects seeking funding from investors or companies preparing for private placements in AeROs or Main Markets. BVB Made in Romania Program Nominates 5th Edition Finalists at Awards Ceremony – The Romania Journal

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