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By August, 300 Bangladeshi nurses have arrived in Kuwait

Maj. Gen. Muhammad Ashik Alzaman, Ambassador of the Republic of Bangladesh, announced the arrival of 300 male and female nurses in Kuwait scheduled for August, from Kuwait regarding his country also equipping the Kuwait Military Forces. A new military outfit that reveals that it is awaiting final approval.

In a press statement bystander at the reception he held for the community during Eid al-Adha, Ambassador Ashik al-Zaman said that the military cooperation between his country and Kuwait was “excellent. It has existed since 1991. “

“We are confident that we have renewed the military agreement between the military personnel of both countries for another five years, have mutual visits, and have great opportunities in the future,” he said in September last year.

He further said, “I have offered an offer to equip the Kuwait military with military uniforms. I have previously presented samples of these uniforms. I am waiting for official approval so that I can hand over the new uniforms to the Kuwait military. .. We also manufacture military boots, but we do not sell combat equipment or ammunition to Kuwait. “

Ambassador Ashik Alzaman explains: And sometimes the service is extended to 12 years, with the rest serving as workers and drivers in the Kuwait military. “

When asked if there would be military cooperation soon, he answered, “There is a possibility of counter-terrorism military exercises in November next year, and this time it will be held regularly in Dhaka.”

The Bangladesh Ambassador expressed his joy in the medical relationship between the two countries, saying, “Because it is the first time to welcome nurses from all specialties from Bangladesh to Kuwait.”

He added: “As you know, we have an agreement between the two countries to bring in more than 300 male and female nurses. 104 nurses arrived on July 14th, and the rest gradually. Arrived in August and knows that to date 86 male and female nurses have arrived in Kuwait. “

https://timeskuwait.com/news/300-bangladeshi-nurses-to-arrive-in-kuwait-by-august/ By August, 300 Bangladeshi nurses have arrived in Kuwait

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