Cairn Homes has allowed the submission of a plan application for 690 units on the RTÉ site.

Dublin City Council Cairn Homes paved the way for submitting a plan application to the site where 690 apartments and hotels were purchased RTÉ 4. At Donnybrook, Dublin.

The council told Cairn Holmes in an “opinion” that its mixed-use plan would form a reasonable basis for a “large-scale housing development” application under the new planning rules for large-scale housing development.

Cairn Homes currently has six months to submit a formal plan application for this plan to the Council. Possible developments include 274 building-to-sale apartments and 416 building-to-rent apartments.

It also includes hotels, 17 “age-friendly living” units, creche facilities, restaurants and cafes, artisan grocery stores, housing equipment, and related field work.

In a notice released Thursday regarding the proposed plan, the council said, “After considering the issues raised during the Large Housing Development (LRD) meeting, the planning authorities proposed the submitted document. LRD permission application “.

This scheme is considerably larger than the € 338 million, 614 unit scheme in nine apartment blocks with a height of 4-10 stories that Cairn has obtained a building permit. Bord Pleanála September 2020.

billionaire, Dermot Desmond In a letter to the Dublin City Council, he described the proposal as “Barryman Towers South Dublin” and was an opponent of the first Cairn project.


But in March 2021, Bord Pleanála High Court Cairn614 Orders to revoke permissions for the unit scheme. This followed a High Court objection by three locals – Chris Commerford, John Gleason When Pat DesmondDermot Desmond’s wife – to the board’s decision to deal with a permit application by Cairn Homes.

Cairn’s new plan will take place five years after paying € 107.5 million for RTE on the 8.64 acre site. The developers started bidding to build on the site when they made a preliminary plan before An Bord Pleanála in December 2018.

A Cairn Homes spokeswoman said Thursday: Cairn will address all of the opinions and will eventually submit a Large Housing Development (LRD) Plan Application to the Dublin City Council. “

The new LRD system will replace Fasttrack’s Strategic Housing Development (SHD) system, which allows developers to bypass the council and submit plans directly to AnBord Pleanála. Cairn Homes has allowed the submission of a plan application for 690 units on the RTÉ site.

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