Calendar, Renzi reach agreement in ‘third pole’ of elections

(ANSA) – ROME, 11 August – Former Minister of Industry Carlo Callenda and former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Thursday joined two centrist parties, Agione (Action) and Italia Viva (IV), in the so-called “third pole”. We have reached an agreement to team up. Italian politics leading up to the September 25 general election.

“Today, for the first time, there is a serious and practical alternative to the right-left ‘bi-populism’ that has ravaged the country and abandoned (outgoing Mario) Draghi,” said Callenda.

“Thanks to Matteo Renzi for his generosity. Now Italia Viva and Agione are seriously together for Italy”.

“If you trust this third pole, we will try to stop the right and left from winning based on Draghi’s plan,” said Callenda.

Renzi posted a video of himself passing to the footballer who scored the goal, saying, “Assists are also useful in politics.”

The former centre-left prime minister said: “We decided to try. On September 25th we will see this possibility as well. Not satisfied with the worst, send quality people to parliament That’s it,’ he said. He was instrumental in bringing the former “to save Italy from nationalists and populists, everyone must work …. I succeeded with Draghi when no one believed, let’s do it again” The leader of IV said: The president of the European Central Bank, who will take office as prime minister in early 2021.

Callenda predicted a former ally of the center-left Democratic Party (PD) and the populist Five Star Movement (M5S). Get back together “two minutes after the election.”

Callenda also denounced Italy’s far-right fraternity (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni on the way to becoming Italy’s first female and first post-fascist prime minister in a video message directed at foreign press on Wednesday that denounced fascism. praised the

The so-called “third pole” between the rival centre-right and centre-left blocs, currently polled at around 4%, is the center-right of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (FI) Optimistic about winning votes from the party. , has somewhat similar voters.

Callenda pulled out of an election deal with the PD, which Renzi once led, on Sunday. A potential third bloc in Italian politics after the PD allied with smaller left-wing and liberal parties including the Italian Left (SI) and the Green Europe (EV).

“We are happy to join the team because the Third Pole is the big electoral surprise and only a strong Third Pole can ask[former European Central Bank President]Draghi to stay in the Prime Minister’s Office. IV leader, who has been shunned by the former PD and its leader, former prime minister Enricoletta, whom he ousted in 2014.

Both Calenda and Renzi are campaigning to continue Draghi’s reformist agenda, whose government of national unity was overthrown last month by an insurgency led by predecessor Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s M5S.

M5S boycotted a key confidence vote on the cost of living statute introduced by Draghi. This was due to the inclusion of Rome’s new waste-to-energy plant, anathema to Conte’s group, and last month Fi and the right-wing coalition also drew support from Draghi.

As a result, M5S’s budding partnership with PD was also ruined, and Letta scoured other potential candidates for a self-proclaimed “broad field” in Italian politics, center-left.

Renzi was never invited, but Letta has high hopes for Calenda’s centrist appeal, accusing him of, in his words, “trusting the country to the right.”

However, a post-election matchup between center left and third pole is still possible, but so is a matchup against M5S.

At about 3% in IV polls, about 1% higher than Azione, Calenda’s group split from former ally More Europe (+E), the latter deciding to stick to its electoral deal with PD. Did.

So the third pole accounts for about 5-6% of the vote, well below PD’s 23.4%, and when combined with SI and EV’s 3.4%, the current center-left coalition contains an extra 2 Just under 30% of vote intent. %-plus is from Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio’s new Civic Commitment (IC) group, the latest offshoot of his once-powerful M5S.

Even if the centre-left teamed up in an unlikely post-election alliance with the centrist tertiary, or M5S, their combined score would be in line with the current public opinion of the opposing centre-right alliance. It still falls short of the survey total of about 45%.

Led by Meloni, the only major party leader to have opposed Draghi, the alliance is set to take power on September 25.

The coalition also features a far-right coalition of anti-immigrant former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, with about 12.5% ​​in current polls, second only to the FdI’s 23.8%, and a three-time former prime minister. compared to the 8% currently enjoyed by the media. Influential Berlusconi’s FI.

The right/center-right bloc will gain clear and easy dominance in both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, according to a study Wednesday by the Cattaneo Institute.

Mr Salvini reiterated on Tuesday that if his party gets one more vote than the league, Mr Meloni will come out on top.

President Sergio Mattarella is expected to nominate the leader of the victorious bloc as prime ministerial candidate. (ANSA). Calendar, Renzi reach agreement in ‘third pole’ of elections

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