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Calyx and Saudi Esports Federation have partnered to host the final of the largest VALORANT MENA league in Riyadh in July

Calyx, a subsidiary of Hockwood Games, and the Saudi Arabian Esports Federation have collaborated to host the final of the VALORANT Regional League MENALAN eSports Tournament in Riyadh.

The tournament will take place in a LAN setting, with the best players from across the region jumping into Riyadh and fighting in front of a live audience in the hope of ensuring the glory of being the champion of the VALORANT Regional League MENA. .. As the region’s largest esports market, this unique event will provide the Saudi Arabian gaming community with a new competitive series featuring VALORANT, one of the most competitive games in the world. ..

Yahya Habib, Global Head of Strategy and Operations for Calyx Gaming and Co-Founder, said:: “We are pleased to work with the Saudi Arabian Esports Federation to create this unique experience. Our vision for Calyx is to be a hub for esports in the region and the largest esports in the Middle East. We are excited to expand into the sports market Saudi Arabia. The first two splits of the VALORANT Regional League MANA tournament are highly competitive, with 152 teams from the MENA region registered and millions of people around the world. Entertaining viewers. Currently, with the support of the Saudi Arabian Esports Federation, we look forward to hosting the largest professional VALORANT tournament in history in Riad and the finals of the four best teams in the region. . “

Thanks to the support of the Saudi Esports Federation, the finals of July will feature four of the best teams in the region, including Yalla Esports, XPLDZ, Geekay Esports and Team Falcons. The VALORANT Regional League MENA Final will be held and streamed from July 4th to 7th, 2022. Cramps, wThe total prize pool is US $ 20,000 (75,000 SAR and above).

The winning team in the VRL MENA Final will represent the MENA region in the VRL EMEA Final and will face all other EMEA VRL winners for a $ 156,000 (or more) prize pool. SAR 586,000).

“We are honored to be able to host a tournament of such height in Saudi Arabia. Our main mission is to train elite game athletes while at the same time considering unique ways to develop the gaming industry in the kingdom. This can only be achieved through partners like Calyx, and in the finals of July, current and next-generation Saudi and Arab citizens will unveil the benefits of this sport over the years to come. I look forward to helping you, “said Omar Batterjee Head of Communications / Marketing & Partnerships for the Saudi Arabia Esports Federation.

Operated from 2016 and founded in 2019, Calix is ​​a Dubai-based MENA esports organizer and production company working to build an esports presence in the MENA region. In tournaments like the VALORANT Regional League MENA Final, Calix and its partners help build and expand the local esports industry by providing local gamers with a state-of-the-art platform. At play.calyx.gg, you can enjoy while showing off your skills in various games. Calyx has been successfully implemented on a large scale Small tournaments in 15 countries in the region, including the Wizzo eSports PUBG Mobile Cup, the Regional VRL MENA League and the BLAST Premier Dune Cup.

http://www.eyeofriyadh.com/news/details/calyx-and-saudi-esports-federation-partner-to-host-the-finals-of-the-biggest-valorant-mena-league-in-riyadh-in-july Calyx and Saudi Esports Federation have partnered to host the final of the largest VALORANT MENA league in Riyadh in July

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