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Camel hot milk and grooming at a luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia

When Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful camels stayed in a luxurious complex near Riyadh, heated stalls and warm milk didn’t make life any more attractive. For 400 riyals per night (a little over $ 100), camels are trimmed, scrubbed, spoiled and then participated in a beauty pageant that costs millions of dollars. Camels, many of which are rented, are scrutinized for Botox and other illegal enhancements and can be thrown out for fraud.

And it’s all done in the safe environment of COVID, preventing catastrophic outbreaks. The first camel hotel, Tatman is an outdoor desert complex near the annual King Abdelazis Festival with a total prize pool of $ 66.6 million. This is a logical step for the wealthy Gulf lucrative industry, where camels are valued as a symbol of traditional life.

Animals are judged by attributes such as lips, neck, hump, and color, and victory is a great honor for their owners. Omair Al-Qahtani of Saudi Arabia said he checked in 80 camels for 16 days and cost between $ 160,000 and $ 213,000. The facility is “very comfortable because the camels are under control and undergo regular health checks,” a 51-year-old businessman told AFP.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/hot-milk-and-grooming-for-camels-at-saudi-luxury-hotel/ Camel hot milk and grooming at a luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia

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