Can a child get a long COVID? What are Long COVID Symptoms?

New York Times We report that children are unlikely to develop long-term COVID-19, but that is not impossible.

How often do children lengthen their COVID? Fortunately, children have been shown to recover relatively faster than adults. New York Times..

  • Dr. Alexandra Brugler Yonz, an infectious disease specialist based in Washington, DC, said: luck About 5% to 10% of children infected with COVID-19 develop long COVID.
  • “People are like’Oh, that’s only 5%’, but we say death is 1%, and that’s still a big deal,” said Brugler Yonts.

Symptoms: Symptoms: Medical news Website Citing a study that found that children can suffer from the same long COVID-19 symptoms as adults.

  • Symptoms include chest pain, malaise, headache, and weakness. Scientists have found that some children’s symptoms last up to five months.

Testing and treatment: The University of Utah He says there is no specific test to determine if a child has a long COVID-19. Doctors should test other things and rule out other possible health conditions.

  • CNN Children with long COVIDs report that when they pass a series of tests, they may appear to have no problems despite their symptoms. In adults, something that shows a long COVID is more likely to appear in the test.
  • “We don’t know how long it will last, we don’t know what causes it, and we do not support supportive care and treat your child’s symptoms as best as possible. I don’t know what the treatment will be, but there is no cure. ” University of Utah “■ Healthcare website.

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